Franchising in France
How to open and grow your franchise in France

Develop your franchise in France with Raspberry Consulting

RASPBERRY is the international arm of Framboise Consulting, a French consulting firm specialised in supporting franchisors.
RASPBERRY has been created both to help French franchisors adapt their Franchise business models to be exported to new territories abroad but also to support international franchisors adapt their models to the French market and recruit franchisees.

RASPBERRY was created as a partnership between Fred Barrow and FRAMBOISE Consulting.

FRAMBOISE Consulting is a leading French franchise consulting firm specialised in helping businesses create and develop their activity through franchising. FRAMBOISE consultants have nearly 20 years of experience in creating franchise models, recruiting franchisees and supporting brands in their developments. The 3 founders of FRAMBOISE alos have extensive experience as franchisees, franchisors, business owners and as franchise lawyers.

Fred Barrow has over 30 years of experience in International Business Development. He has worked in organisations of all sizes in both B2C or B2B business environments. He has developed and managed franchisees as well as international branch offices, agents or distributors across all continents. Fred was born in Canada and grew up in the US, he now lives in France.

Why should you franchise in France ?

The French franchise market : a unique growth opportunity.

  • Largest European market in number of franchisors.
  • 10% annual market growth
  • 40% of new business owners in France chose a franchising model.
  • Large government support for creating new businesses.

Franchising in France: how to open and grow your franchise in France


How to open your franchise in France ?

This is how Rasperry can help you open your franchise in France:

  • Help adapt your model to the French market
  • Conduct an assessment of business potential and local competition
  • Prepare franchisor and franchisee business plans with local cost structure
  • Support in ensuring protection of your brands and trademarks
  • Prepare franchise documents complying with local regulations (pre-disclosure, contracts…)
  • Prepare information pack and operating manuals for recruitments
  • Recruit local partners based on your growth strategy (Master Franchisee, Multiple Unit, Single

This is how we proceed :

How to open a franchise in France

Step 1 : Pre-assessment of feasibility

  • The aim of this step is to evaluate whether your concept can be imported and can fit the French market or not before investing in building a franchise model.
  • Pre analysis of concept (history, locations, organisation, brand, value proposition…)
  • Review potential hurdles
  • Evaluate importability to French market
  • High level market analysis and competition review
  • High level economical overview
  • Recommendation

Step 2 : Building a Franchise Model for France

Our goal is to fully adapt your franchise model to the French market standards (legal, economic, commercial…) and to deliver a complete “Franchising Pack” that is ready for recruiting franchisee partners.

We will build your franchise model by :

  • Adapting your model to French culture (concept, offer…)
  • Support in preparing legal documents under French law
  • Adapting economic elements with local cost structures and taxes for futur franchisees
  • Building both franchisee and franchisor business models
  • Evaluate ressources needed to train and support the new network
  • Market analysis and competitive landscape
  • Preparing information pack to start recruiting

Step 3 : Recruiting local franchisee partners

Based on your growth strategy, we will identify and recruit potential candidates for Master Franchises, Multi-unit or Single-unit franchisees.